When Life Gives You Lemons...

An homage to our hometown group and their prolific album:
We here at realia by jen are big fans of the power of positive thinking!  We look at life as a series of choices, including {of course} what you choose to wear! We are firm believers in look good=feel good=ACT good, and so this post is all about choosing brights for Spring, Summer (Well...and always)!
One of our favorite happy hues this season is yellow! From the runway to the mall - you see pops of this shade in fashion faves to fashion fads!
This week's blog look includes a subtle pop of yellow with gold accents:


And a few golden faves:


1.Zara | 2. J. Crew | 3.  Johnny Was

1. Sunflower Yellow Swarovski Crystal 2. Faceted Jade  3. Freshwater Pearl

On Jen:
Top:  Banana Republic
Jacket: Neoprene jacket from Houndstooth
Pants: Flying Monkey
Glasses: Cazal Eyewear
Shoes: Chanel
Jewelry: realia by jen