Real Style | Contemporary Camo

Take a short, flirty white dress and pair it with heeled booties and a camo jacket and what do you get?
This look! 
Booties with short dresses are all the rage this season, as well maxi dresses with tennis shoes so I guess it's all about the unexpected (AND the comfortable!)
This look can transition from inside to out by simply removing the tights, and the jacket depending on the temps!
Camo on camo with the backpack and jacket!  With so many neutrals it's important to pop in a few bright colors - see: bold, black necklace, bold, black and gold frames and bright red lips!
The stacked wrist matches the frames and necklace and helps pull the entire look together!
Dress: Equipment
Glasses: Cazals
Shoes: Coach
Backpack: Burberry
Jewelry: realia by jen