Jewelry Reorganization & Display Ideas

Organize to Accessorize!
Clever ways to keep your jewelry organized, either in plain sight or not, so that you remember that you have it and thus wear it more!
You can keep things organized and easy to see your everyday pieces.
This can either be in plain sight or hidden in drawers or closets
Keep things in sight!  Jewelry is wearable art on your body so why not out in the open too!
Click HERE to watch the segment and check out the links below to find pieces that work for you!
In plain sight - Vignette 1:  Bathroom counter top             
  • Grooved Acrylic Jewelry Stands - Bracelet - $7.99, Necklace - $9.99 @ The Container Store (and online)
  • Vinyl Placemats - $1.95 each @ Patina Stores (and online)
  • Yellow Tree Sculpture $28 @ Patina Stores
  • Yellow Flower Bowl $9.95 @ Patina Stores
Tips & ideas for in your drawers
  • Scented shelf and drawer liners - $11.99 (4 sheets of 18x24") @ The Container Store (and online)
  • Light Blue Stacking Jewelry Tray System - Prices vary by piece @ The Container Store (and online)
  • Acrylic Container Solutions - Prices vary by piece @ The Container Store (and online)
In plain sight - Bedroom dresser top
Tips & ideas for in your closet
  • Closet solution - $24.99 @ The Container Store (and online)
  • Scarf (necklace!) Hanger - $10.95 @ Patina Stores (and online)
  • Gardenia Jewelry "Tree" - $24.95 @ Patina Stores (On the wall OR on a counter top)