Vibrant Hues

It's so easy to slip into neutrals any time of the year, but during the winter months, it seems as though our automatic default is to the greys, blacks and browns in our wardrobe! One way to fight the winter drab is to embrace vibrant hues and there are so many great ways to do this! 

First includes the make up realm. Choose a vibrant lip hue and make it your seasonal color!  Incorporate it into all of your looks so that even if you do choose to stay neutral with your clothing, your lips brighten up your face, and thus your entire look (A great smile can help with that too!).

Another way to embrace the brights is to find a hue that looks great on you and purchase a few accessories (a la scarves, jewelry, a great bag) that can freshen up your look even on the rainiest or snowiest of days!


Last is to invest in a brightly colored jacket!  Instead of the standard staple black, tan or grey - go for the teal, red, even the pale pink and rock that this season instead.  The winter months are hard enough, brightening up your look can add some unexpected color and joy to the season!