Glam Up Your Holiday Look!

If there's one night to bust out all the sparkles and shine, it's New Year's Eve! Whether you've planned a big night out or you're sticking closer to home, embrace the opportunity to dress up.

The beauty is in the details!  That's what luxury is all about, right?  The same goes for your look! To achieve a luxurious look and to really create a stand out NYE look - focus on the details!

Here are a few tips guaranteed to get you noticed tonight!

Wear something that you wouldn't normally wear!  You know the thing that is hanging out in the back of your closet...a fut coat, a sparkly dress or top, an amazing pair of statement shoes, something that you don't have occasion to wear often - now is that time!

When in doubt - add sparkle! A sparkly dress, top, name it, NYE is the time to wear sequins and sparkle (And stay tuned for the next post on how you can KEEP wearing sparkle!)

Cheers and have a fabulous and safe NYE!

See you in 2015!



Jacket - Vintage

Dress - Roe Wolf

Tights - Nordstrom

Shoes - Gucci

Jewelry - realia by jen

Photo Credit: Maija Le Photography

Graphic Design: Mandy Bastyr