Luxurious Leather Details!

Merry Christmas Eve friends!  I know that many of you are frantically running around grabbing last minute food items and gifts (Yep - that's me) and many have already started in on the festivities with friends and families...but of course we are here with our weekly fashion blog to bring you a few fashion tips to get you through the next few days of holiday gatherings galore! 

Whether it's rainy or snowy - what better way to warm your winter heart than with some luscious, luxurious leather details!  The leather trim on this jacket is a great way to add a bit more shape to this thick warm cape-like top!

Leather details are not the only thing adding a bit of luxury to this look - as well the bling (on both the hat AND the baubles) is that added texture and sparkle that tops off this lovely look!  

Look a bit more closely at the pants and you can also see more leather! These jbrand jeans have ribbed leather knee pads (My nephew would be PROUD of his ninja turtle auntie!) and are such a great addition to the wardrobe!