The Perfect Puffy Jacket?!

Does such a thing exist? If only we didn't have to ponder this.  This jacket style and material has never (ever) been an object of desire when it comes to my own winter wardrobe but desperately frigid temps call for down filled measures...
Here are a few tips to find the right puffy jacket for your body type!
1. It's all about the shape..sure the extreme puffiness adds weight but when you're cold you could care less...for the most part!  The shape that you choose can help to accentuate your figure!
2.Belt it!  Choose a puffy jacket that is belted at the right spot on you!  If the jacket has a belt, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to use it!  Play with the belt and try styling the jacket unbelted or with the best tied in the back!
3. Cover your ASSets!  Be conscious of the length that you choose!  Do not choose something that hits at an unflattering spot!  To be perfectly frank, if you need the warmth of this style, you most likely WANT your booty covered when you are out in the cold!
4. Balance - choose a jacket that has a hood to balance out the volume add!  A furry fringe adds style and warmth!  You can also add a scarf and style it long or wrapped to balance out your look!

Stay warm lovely friends!