Escape from winter to paradise! Introducing...realia by jen Resort 2015!

It's finally here!  Yes - that's right, tis the season to fashionably ESCAPE from winter!
realia by jen's Venus resort collection just launched and it's literally paradise!
 *  *  *
Inspired by paradise that is! This amazing Boticelli Venus painting (above), including the resort like aspects of this beautiful piece, tell the dreamy and sparkly color story of this collection. 
The hues that comprise this collection provide a visual escape from the winter doldrums and transport the wearer (and viewer!) to a tropical locale!
Fuchsia, blush citrine, turquoise, paradise and montana blue are the base colors of Venus Resort
Rose opal and smokey lavender are accent colors that encapsulate the hues of a waning tropical sunset (or sunrise!).