Jewelry Display/Storage Hacks!

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Tis the season to reorganize your life and no one says it needs to be expensive…and no one says it needs to be ugly…here are a few ideas for organizing and displaying your jewelry. Some of the items that you use to reorganize may even already be in your home!
SO, a big part of why it is so important to organize what you have is because we all know what happens when jewelry is sitting in a jumbled mess on your dresser or in a drawer – you don’t wear it! You either forget that you have it or don’t want to bother with trying to untangle the pile!
Design on a dime....for a few easy hacks just put some old things to new uses!
First stop – the kitchen! Here are a few ways to utilize kitchen items!
  • Silverware tray
  • ice trays/EGG holder
  • paper towel rack
Canvases to decorate and get decorated - hooks and tacks and more
Take an old print that is somewhere in storage or not in use OR in need of an update OR buy one in the sale area at target, TJ MAXX home goods, etc and paint it or paper-mache it if it is damaged or does not match your design motif. Then add hooks and tacks to make it work for the jewelry that you have collected!
Picture Frames
Add cork or screen/radiator cover mesh material and hook earrings in or buy S hooks and hang necklaces/bracelets
Bathroom -
Take unused soap trays (or buy new ones) and arrange different pieces of jewelry on them to help you sort and organize! OR to showcase a special piece!
Buy beans and/or rice and place it in a tray or in one of the organizers so that you can prop your rings and earrings up right! 
Take your hubby/boyfriend/dad’s (or yours!) cigar boxes and use them as a contemporary looking jewelry box!
Then, use your personal taste to create a styled area - use a surface of a dresser or counter top and the wall surrounding it to make it beautiful! 
Last but not least when traveling, put your earrings and other small pieces in pill boxes! That way you don’t lose any pieces and perhaps it even can help you plan the way you accessorize you look!

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And thanks again Steve and Brandy for a FAB segment!