Subtle Ways to Tap Into Your Sexy Side!

I'm not talking the overt version of sexy. You know the one…imagine the slinky Jessica rabbit like gown that Lady Gaga donned at this past weekend's Grammy's… Neither am I talking about the incredibly short dress that seems to be the uniform for going out in Vegas (You know the one…where even with a partial bend I avert my eyes for fear that I’m going to get an accidental glimpse of something that can't be unseen...)

I am talking about the kind of style that has class and sex appeal. The winning mix that includes an air of mystery and allure infused with a healthy dose of confidence…the kind of appeal that turns the heads of men and women alike!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to add just a hint of seduction to your look, not only this Valentine’s Day, but every day!


Hot hosiery – if you are wearing something that reveals your legs, then add fashion hosiery to your look! Whether it has a lace or floral design or it is a mid thigh sheer black with suspenders, hosiery calls attention to your legs!

It’s a wrap! Embrace your curves with a perfectly fitted, flattering and flirty wrap dress!

Sheer - if worn appropriately this see through fabric can have the effect of sultry, rather than scandalous!

Scratch and Sniff - soaps, perfumes, lotions and oils – whatever comprises your magical combination, your smell leaves behind an indelible sensual memory!

Menswear inspired - sport a sexy new bra or a bustier and style it with a menswear-type button down shirt. Pair with a skinny pant and a stiletto heel to balance out the bulky shirt. Or skip the pants completely, Solange-style! Or style the bustier OVER (Yes, I said OVER!) a fitted button down shirt!

Lace-Up or Zipper Details - the possibility of coming unlaced or unzipped is definitely suggestive!

Off-The-Shoulder Tops - there’s no need for cleavage when your shoulders are bare!


A beautiful pair of heels can be a great way to boost your confidence and make you feel sexy!

Colorful jewelry can enhance your allure! Of course appropriately placed sparkly baubles not only make you feel good but also enhance draw the eye pointed places – your lobes, wrists and neck!

Feel good, look good – it all starts with taking care of you! From the little things like keeping up your mani, pedi and sub clothing grooming to the big things like eating right and working out, all of these things add up to sexy being about more than what you wear but about how you feel!  Sexy is a state of mind!




Jen's Look:

Earrings, bracelets - realia by jen

Shoes - Chanel

Studded Leggings - Club Monaco

Leather embellished peter pan collared sweater - Club Monaco