Winter Whites

We’ve all heard the unwritten rule that you shouldn’t wear white after labor day…and for climates where slushy, dirty, salty grime can easily stain lightly hued duds this does make sense…however sometimes it feels good to ditch the typical winter all black ensemble in favor of some crisp white! An all white look may seem tricky or intimidating to some but slipping into head to toe white can help to brighten up even the darkest days of winter!

 A simple, all-white outfit will always be chic! 

You can style your all white monochromatic look to fit any where into your weekly goings on – whether you’re heading out to meet your gal pals for a matinee showing of 50 Shades of Grey, a weekend brunch with your love or a fancy gala – amidst the dark shades of winter – you’re sure to shine!


Choose carefully when layering white and DEFINITELY choose carefully when selecting denim in this hue! Watch your back as the white on your backside is NOT very forgiving!  Choose a tank or tee that can layer and aid in accentuating your assets! 

There are many different shades of white so choose the one that is most flattering on you!

As well, if washing yourself in white from head to toe is entirely too much, then pick a few colorful accessories to help you ease into this look slowly!  Here are a few of my favorite colors to wear with white!




Jen's outfit:

Jacket: BCBG

Tank top: Houndstooth Boutique

Jeans: Wildfox

Shoes: Kate Spade

Lipstick: Kathy by Stormsister

Jewelry: realia by jen