Why do you GO RED?!

I GO RED for women because I believe that it is of the utmost
importance to educate women AND to advocate for the health of women!
As women we tend to naturally be caretakers, looking out for everyone around us and so often we put ourselves LAST on our priority list...that means we miss workouts, meals and other important things that impact our health! I GO RED for women to help serve as a reminder that it is vital to take care of YOU so that you can be the best you possible! 
Today marks the last few minutes before 2015's Red Dress Collection event! (It is tomorrow at 7pm at Loew's Hotel in downtown Minneapolis - tickets available here - http://reddressmn.com/)  I am so excited to be the exclusive jewelry designer again this year!
What's different this year?
This year, in addition to created the collection that will make its way down the runway, I also created an exclusive Go Red bangle in 14K gold & sterling silver! Proceeds from sales of these pieces will be donated to the Go Red Foundation so please shop til you drop and know that money is going back to a fabulous organization that works diligently to educate and advocate for women!
So click on the pics to shop the collection and know that your money will go to the American Heart Association's Go Red for women program!
 Can't wait to see you at the show!