Minty Fresh - Tips on Taking Your Look from Winter to Spring!

An ancient proverb says, “No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow and no one is happier about that than me!

The one thing that can be a bit stressful in terms of styling our wardrobe are those few (at least!) weeks of fashion limbo when it's too warm for a full on jacket and too cool for a tank top!

 So, what to wear during this seasonal change? Here are five tips to help spring-up your winter wear!

1. Loose, light layers!

No heavy coat needed – grab a light jacket instead! Blazers, a moto mid-length leather jacket and a simple, classic trench are all perfect transition pieces with a few thin layers underneath.

Peel off or pile on as needed!


2. Color-Centric!

This time of year things start to bloom so we should take a cue from nature and use some color to get into spring.

We are obsessed with a beautiful pale pastel MINT green!

And…coral, denim blue, white, pink, beige, peach, yellow, lavender...!

Grab a sweater or blouse (Or EVEN a jacket - see above!) in one of these springy hues (Again, favorite being MINT!)!

3. Print, Pattern & Texture!

A great print can revive practically any outfit! Grab a lightweight, knit or woven scarf in a floral or tribal spring print. It function as an added layer when you're feeling a chill and will lighten up the look and feel of your ensemble.


4. Let Your Hair Down!

No more earmuffs and winter hats so it's time transition your locks into your spring do!

Layer it, lighten it, shorten or straighten it, dye it purple/grey, add thick bangs, or simply go for a trim to add some fab volume! However you do it, your hair will love the refresh!

5. Pastel Accessories!

You can also incorporate pastels into your look with your accessories AND your makeup!

Try these fab jewels!
OR, purse your lips and add a pastel to them with one of these fab hues!
Regardless of which of these tips (if any!) you choose to incorporate into invigorating your wardrobe during this season change - the best accessory of all is a great attitude and a smile!
Cheers friends and happy spring!