Strawberry Peach - The Perfect Summer Pop of Color!

Summer Tip:  Peachy pink is the perfect pop of color!
This fabulous hue looks GREAT on all skin tones and pairs
beautifully with denim, white, or even a classic black bottom!
You can accessorize mono-chromatically with a few of these options:
Or you can contrast with a bright turquoise like you see in my look above, or even another sherbet-hued color like the serene minty green as you see here below!
I popped on a fuchsia lip (Kathy by Stormsister Spatique)
Stormsister Spatique's Kathy is an AMAZING color!  You can layer under or over to pop more of the pink or more of the red - but I get stopped ALL the time when I wear this color!  It's a GREAT local MN product!  AND, it stays on all day!
I am also in love with the Beauty Counter lip sheers, in particular this coral color:
This line of products is amazing and my rep is
Anna Vig - click on the pic to shop the products! I also ADORE the sugar scrub!
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Happy shopping and summer styling!