The Paris Collection

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I have been asked over and over again what my inspiration is for the collections that I create.  In general, my pieces and collections are inspired by world travel, exotic destinations, and diverse cultures!  The food, the art, the all creates an impression and adds to what I can envision and create when I put my hands to work in the studio!  

 Realia by jen’s spring 2013 Paris Collection was inspired by my college study abroad in Europe.  It showcases a young girl (me!) in her formative years exposed to a world much more deeply rooted and vast than she imagined possible. 

The lingering memories from that trip have resurfaced in the colors and images that create: The Paris Collection!

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(1. Me in front of the 8x8' print that I had made of a picture that I took during that study abroad trip 2. The crew getting ready for the shoot!)

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It was such a treat to get to work with so many talented people!   

The journey that is this particular collection first started with a brainstorm…a veritable physical pinterest if you will…that included a hodge podge of things – from photos from magazines, to black and white photos that I took when on my study abroad trip as a young 20 year old lass…to all kinds of random objects and vintage jewelry bits!  (See below for a bit of a glimpse...) 


I pulled this all-together, chose my color palate and began creating the pieces that comprise this collection!  

I was lucky enough to get Eliesa Johnson to photograph my vision and I am in love with all of the images that she captured during this shoot!   She is an amazingly talented photographer & savvy businesswoman.  The model is the beautiful and talented Janae Virnig.  She and I met at the first fashion show I ever did and she makes for the BEST cover girl and face of realia by jen jewelry!   Hair and make up were done by Maggie Hennen and her beautiful craftswoman ship is evident in every photo taken!  Faith Brue and Judith Kostroski with Style Architects and Mara Brown of worked with me to style this lovely shoot - all very talented ladies with great vision and attention to detail!  Male model as well as the florist on site was the multi talented Brandon Lowry!  Assisting in all of the other details and niceties were Gretchen Graham and Sarah Ruhland - you ladies are amazing!  Houndstooth MN and Lily and Violet - your clothing looks stunning on Janae....ladies get in/on there and do some shopping!  Steve Bursch - thanks for getting this all up and running the world can see it and Mandy VonBank - your graphic design work is FAB!   


KUDOS to my dream team:

Hair & Make up:  Maggie Hennen

Styling: Faith Brue, Judith Kostroski with Style Architects ( and Mara Brown (

Assisting:  Sarah Ruhland, Gretchen Graham

Modeling:  Janae Virnig, Brandon Lowry

Web Design:  Steve Bursch

Graphic Design:  Mandy VonBank

Clothing:  Houndstooth Boutique - Amber Toste ( & Lily and Violet (

Flowers:  Brandon Lowry (A man of many talents!)






Thank you so much!  

  I could not have done this without each and every one of you!



jen scheffler  | | copyright © 2013 realia by jen