Real Style // C'est La Vie

 Winter is all about layering your look (Even if just to survive)! We like to keep our layers fab and fashionable, but of course - realistic!  (Ask yourself: can these layers fit beneath my winter jacket? Will I suffocate in the heat at the office?)

We are also always cognizant of shoe choices for weather conditions so a pair of pumps may not work the best in a snowy/icy climate, but sub those heels out for a pair of booties and you're in business! 

Another layering technique is to layer up your jewelry!  Choose a spot and layer on a few pieces!  It could be bracelets, rings OR necklaces! 

Mixing textures gives a look more visual interest. The shredded jeans and furry vest (Instead of a blazer) are the two textures mixed to make this look!

The look:

Shirt: C'est La Vie - Bloom Boutique

Vest: Cabi

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: Chanel