TCL Recap!

I wanted to take a few moments to give you all a behind the scenes view of the Jewelry Mix segment that aired this past Tuesday on Twin Cities Live!
We started out the day with a trunk FULL and then move on to unloading it and making it look pretty for all of the viewers!
We unloaded and got the set ready...then off to hair, makeup & wardrobe for the models!
After that, with a little help from Houndstooth MN, my clothing items were selected and then it was time forhair and makeup with the fabulous Maggie Hennen!
Then as we waited, we watched the other segments...
like the talented Ben Utecht crooning a we tried to stay cool:)
After our segment was over
we took advantage of a photo opp with the lovely Elizabeth Ries!!

A big thanks to Mattie, Janae, Augusta & Maggie for the hair, make up and modeling

and a great big thanks to Kelli, Mandy and Elizabeth at TCL!