July Real Style Guide | A Haute Summer Ride

 real style tips for staying haute in the heat!

"A pop of color on your lips to match the color on your wrist!" -Karrie

"Dresses are perfect for summer!" -Gus

"When you aren't wearing a lot of clothing, layering to add visual interest to your outfit may not be an option! Instead - add that interest in other ways like fun nail polish shades and statement jewelry (nail polish IS an accessory in my book)" -KatieLiz

"MAC illuminating powder is amazing!" -Jamie

"Flowy dresses...it's like built in AC and oh so feminine!" -Janae

"Pops of color - hats, statement shoes and/or a stacked wrist!" -Nancy

"Don't forget the sunscreen, and if you don't rub it in all the way, it's more effective" -Gretchen

"Fabric! Stick with cotton and colors that don't show sweat as easily (black, white) - poly and silk show sweat right away and stick to sweaty bodies! Light layers like a flowy duster with a tee makes you feel stylish yet keeps you cool!" -Mara

"Hair up, hat and shades on, sunscreen and bracelets to match my toes - add in a pool and a cocktail...and float! -Marina


 "I bring a powder brush everywhere I go...even if I don't have face makeup on, I use it to get rid of sweat and oil! I also love having a fun colored hair tie around my wrist that pairs with my wrist jewels and is perfect for throwing my thick locks up in a bun!" -Mattie

"My go-to's are flowy dresses, skirts that are classy, yet breezy, sun hats and of course - bling!" -Cece

Meet one of the new members of our team:


Who are your style icons and why?: My main style icon would probably be Gigi Hadid. I love the “model off duty” look that is very fashion forward, yet casual and comfortable. I am also obsessed with Rachel Zoe and her chic- bohemian vibe. I think a mix of Gigi’s city chic and Rachel’s boho chic would basically explain my entire wardrobe!

What don’t you leave home without?: I couldn’t leave home without of course my keys, phone, wallet! A few other things I NEVER leave without would be; a water bottle with lemon water to stay hydrated; my planner, I would lose my head without it; and a pack of gum, I like to keep my breath minty fresh! The weirdest thing I probably always have is an eyebrow pencil, because my eyebrows are so light you wouldn’t be able to see them without it, ha!

What are you reading for pleasure this summer?: I just finished reading the second book of the author Jojo Moyes, called “After You”. The first one is called “Me Before You” and the movie just came out for it, which I have yet to see! It is one of my favorite heart-felt love stories, I strongly recommend it!

What do you like to do in your free time?: If I am not working or in school, you can expect to find me at the beach or going for a walk (at least in the summer time). I love Minnesota summers and I try to be outside as much as I can! I also enjoy doing yoga and going for runs in the morning! Then of course I always make time to spend with friends and family.

Describe your style "uniform": I would describe my style as city chic and minimalist. I like simple pieces that are versatile. I shop basics and incorporate a few trendy pieces from every season. This allows me to stay fashion forward yet always have the classics and keep to my own style. I am also notoriously known for wearing all black, but hey, who says that’s a bad thing?! These are a few of photos that describe my style “uniform”:


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