#StaffSpotlight | Cookies by Tina

One of our sales and marketing staff members (Karrie) has quite the sweet tooth and has found the cutest little cookie shop and wanted to spotlight them in this week's blog! 
This is Tina! She is the owner of T-Rex Cookie and here is her story...
What keeps you up at night? For me, it was the question, “am I doing what I love to do?” After almost 20 years in Corporate America, I decided to step back from my desk life and follow my passions. Besides, I really needed some sleep!
Early in my career, I had a boss ask me if I wanted to be known for the cookies I baked or the work I did. At the time, I told her what she wanted to hear. Now it’s time to say what I thought years ago. Know me for my cookies (and other treats)!
So those of you who are staring at your ceiling wondering if you are in the right job, if you love what you do…know that it is possible to answer that question and get to sleep. In my case, it didn’t mean I got more sleep. Have you heard about “baker’s hours”?
So, what makes my product different from others?
Well, I have been competing with my baked goods for over 17 years at the MN State Fair. Over the years I’ve learned some tweaks don’t work and some experiments win awards. This move takes me to the next level where the judges don’t just give me feedback on a score sheet and award me a ribbon. The judges are now my customers.
T-Rex Cookie is differentiated by creating a high quality award winning product for my clients by using my experience as a competitive baker at the forefront of the business. Come visit us sometime! Bake on.
- Tina
T-Rex Cookie has been featured on The Today Show and was rated #1 cookie in America by Timeout Magazine
They are located at 3338 University Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414. Stop by any time Monday-Saturday 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. to try all the delicious combos of cookies they have to offer!!! 
Also check out their website trexcookie.com to browse their cookie collection!
 Jewelry on Tina:
Natural Stone Bracelets:
Pale Green Jade
Blue Green Magnesite
Sunflower Yellow 8mm 
Metallic Gold 8mm
3x3 White Opal Tile Ring
Initial "T" Pendant Necklace


Thanks for tuning into my #StaffSpotlight! -Karrie