SEPTEMBER STYLE GUIDE | Meet "SHE", our new collection!

A few blogs back, our staff chose what they were "hunting" for this coming fall season. Now it's Jen's turn to show you which essentials she thinks every lady should have in her closet to stay on top of this fall's trends!

1) Duster Jacket
Pictured here: French Connection
Budget friendly option: Miss Guided
2) Thigh High Boots
Pictured here: Stuart Weitzman
Budget friendly option: Chinese Landry
3) Olive Green Felt Hat: 
Pictured here:  Farfetch
Budget friendly option: Target
4) Faux Leather Pencil Skirt
Pictured here: Leather4Sure
Budget friendly option: Target: Who What Wear
5) Something Velvet
Pictured here: Matches Fashion 
Budget friendly option: American Apparel 
These fall picks make a statement in a classy and elegant way. They embody confidence and sophistication, which is exactly what the new SHE collection represents.
Mixed with our fall/winter pieces you can take your look from day to night!
With that being said, meet our new collection, "SHE"!
The inspiration behind the realia by jen she collection is the power of the female! The diverse array of colors and styles available in this collection signifies vast appeal and showcases new materials like ethically sourced global elements, natural stones and semi-precious gems and metals juxtaposed with our signature realia by jen sparkle. 
From the sophisticated, classic every day pieces to stark statement occasion pieces; from the bright, colorful accents to the mixed metallics, this collection has it all!


This collection is full of versatile pieces that can transition from day to night; pieces that are delicate; subtle but strong and won’t get in the way when trying to check a few boxes from the never ending task list, nor will they break when yanked on by the babe!  Many of our pieces have natural stone healing properties that encourage strength, courage and wisdom, but with a bit of panache!




To anyone who has to do the work to care for another human being and therefore has less time to spend on self…this is for you! Having less time to spend on self, means a big style change up, and these experiences are the driving force behind the realia by jen she collection.

"I recently became the mama to a baby girl. Becoming a mom has been a humbling, life changing, exhausting, amazing experience. Without a doubt it has changed me.

I hope this collection empowers that strong female in you, just like this little girl has done for me." -Jen