SHE | Lights up the Night

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

This week we are featuring one of our newest delicate jewels! The Grey Moonstone is one of four of the Tear Drop necklaces! In the spirit of the amazing Super Moon we all saw last night we had to feature this special stone. 

It also comes in Green Onyx, Labradorite, and a luscious Mahogany Jasper! All hanging from a beaded 14k gold chain. 

The beautiful moonstone is a perfect addition to any holiday attire. It matches perfectly with many of our natural stone bracelets and fun dangling earrings! Here we have shown it with a simple black dress with a little grey duster, accessorized with a fun statement belt and RBJ bling of course!

Like all natural stones, moonstone has its own specific healing properties. It is a stone of inner growth and strength, it soothes stress and promotes inspiration! Perfect for staying calm while planning all your holiday festivities! 


Last night's moon was the biggest and the brightest in 68 years! Although the moon may not be this bright again, wearing this stone will remind you of your own inner light and power!