SHE | Simple, but Stunning

This weeks featured piece from our new collection ~ SHE ~ is this chain necklace available in gold or silver
As you all know the first presidential debate is airing tonight with much anticipation! Thinking about debates, the most important issue I can think of is what color to buy this necklace in?!
It is clearly no question that this piece belongs in your closet, but to get it in silver or gold?! I just can't choose... 
SO GET BOTH! There we go, problem averted! This necklace is such an elegant, simple statement that can be worn with pretty much anything! Here we have even layered it with another amazing piece, the Chunky Geode Druzy Necklace!
It's so easy to incorporate the power of SHE into our everyday lives, and so important to recognize the small things that make you feel confident and beautiful!
..even if it is just splurging on yourself and getting both silver and gold!