Real Style | Cocktail Party

Oh boy... it is almost voting time and the tension is rising! This election is probably one of the biggest debates America has had and who knows how the results will end up! To ease all of this stress, we have decided instead to vote for the COCKTAIL party! 

Grab you girls this weekend and mix up your favorite cocktails, grab some elegant wine, and pop open a cold one! There's nothing better than having a girls night and showing off your RBJ jewels! 

While browsing pinterest the other day, I came across this recipe for a delicious fall cocktail and just HAD to try it and share it with all of you! It is super simple, but totally yummy!

Caramel Apple Cider (with a kick): 

2 ounces Smirnoff Caramel Vodka
8 ounces Apple Cider
Apple Slices (for decoration)

I encourage you to try this festive drink, you won't be disappointed!

Election day is November 8th! Get out there and vote!!! For the cocktail party that is ;)

Featured Jewelry:
Necklaces: Initial Pendant, Chakra
Bracelets: Pyrite, Hematite, Black Spider Vein Agate, Tribal Natural Stone: Silver or Gold,
White Jade, Onyx, Smokey Topaz 8mm, Midnight 8mm
Rings: Smokey Topaz 8mm Ring, Jet Black Cushion Cut Ring