The inspiration behind the realia by jen she collection is the power of the female! The diverse array of colors and styles available in this collection signifies vast appeal and showcase new materials like ethically sourced global elements, natural stones and semi-precious gems and metals juxtaposed with our signature realia by jen sparkle! From the sophisticated, classic every day pieces to stark statement occasion pieces; from the bright, colorful accents to the mixed metallics, this collection has it all! The base of the collection includes a mix of cool and warm tone neutrals – metallics, our signature sparkles, natural stones and some new delicate metal pieces. The base is available all year long and new colors and styles will be launched for holiday, resort and spring/summer.

she believed she could do it so she did

2016 is the year of the female! From Hilary running as our first ever female presidential candidate to the incredible showing of strong and successful lady Olympians to the ever-influential presence of phenomenal women like Michele Obama, Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey and a few of our fierce fashion (and entrepreneurial) favorites like Sheryl Sandberg, Jessica Alba, Rachel Zoe…just to name a few – it seems that now more than ever there are so many women out there blazing trails! Of course we cannot forget our own phenomenal women…our mothers, grandmothers, cousins, aunties, mentors, best friends, bosses, co-worker…and our daughters! 

the future is female 

I recently became the mama to a baby girl. Becoming a mom has been a humbling, life changing, exhausting, amazing experience. Without a doubt it has changed me. I have less time and oh so much more to accomplish! In addition to the change in me, this has changed my view on MOMS! From my own mother (Who had SIX kiddos!), to single moms, working moms, step moms, grand moms, moms who are lucky enough to be able to stay at home, moms of multiples, etc, etc…pretty much anyone who has to do the work to care for another human being and therefore has less time to spend on self…this is for you! Having less time to spend on self, means a big style change up, and these experiences are the driving force behind the realia by jen she collection. This collection is full of versatile pieces that can transition from day to night; pieces that are delicate; subtle but strong and won’t get in the way when trying to check a few boxes from the never ending task list, nor will they break when yanked on by the babe!  Many of our pieces have natural stone healing properties that encourage strength, courage and wisdom, but with a bit of panache!