Opalite Faceted Natural Stone Bracelet (10MM-Gold)

10mm faceted opalite natural stone bracelet with gold stardust bead.

Opalite is known to be an energizing stone as well as a calming and relaxing one. It is said to be an aid to communication on every level. It is said to be a stone of personal power that increases self-esteem and self worth. Emotionally, opalite is said to be quite useful when undergoing great change, as it assists in making smooth transitions.

This stone has a beautiful iridescent sheen that looks a bit milky and picks a variety of hues - greens and blues but especially pinks, lavenders and yellows in the light.

As these pieces are made from natural elements from the earth, each and every piece is unique and may contain slight irregularities in size, shape and color.

Stretchy, easy to wear and perfect for stacking!